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Now Eye Sea Optometry

"Your vision is just the beginning of ours"

Great eye care begins with regular eye exams. Call today or book online on the link below

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Or call us on (02) 4382 6428


Now Eye Sea Optometry

Dr Elizabeth Cubis B.Optom (married name Mutokoyi) has been working as an optometrist for over 30 years and is excited to be opening her own practice in Avoca Beach. Elizabeth has a special interest in eye diseases, contact lenses and children's vision. 

Why choose us?

Easy Parking

Family and locally owned

Personal care and attention

Provision Member- group has Australian origin

Practice has solar power, I work from home, we use tank water on the grounds, we try to recycle and compost when possible

No waiting in a crowded waiting room

In these challenging times, if requested, I can cross off the book so that there is no one else here but yourself

Not ruled by an overseas corporation

My Personal Interests include:

Faith and inner vision, soccer mum, cricket mum, sport in general, gardening, the environment, music- in particular singing at church, native and indigenous plants and animals, bushwalking


Vision testing

We determine whether your eyesight needs correction. With a precise and unhurried refraction we suggest the best possible power and type of lenses to make the most of your vision

Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses can have  benefits over glasses, especially in particular situations. Ask if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses.

       Eye Examinations

Your eyesight can be at risk from many eye conditions which often have no symptoms in the early stages. Early intervention can often save eyesight. It is recommended to have your eye health checked with all vision tests, for this reason.


My joy is to treat you as a precious individual, not as a number, and to strive to give you access to the best possible eye care


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